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In ancient time herbology was very much an art rather than a science. Records of herbalists' practices were scarce and incomplete. Often filled with subjective judgments form individuals' own experiences and the tradition of passing the more valuable knowledge about herbology into a benevolent science. Master herbalist Li Si-Zhen was to break this inhibiting tradition. He unselfishly compiled this first Encyclopedia of Herbs in the 16th century, from which Chinese as well as Western Herbalists learned and benefited. You are going to benefit very soon too, by drinking your cup of Bamboo Leaf Brand True-Slim Tea.

Always chosen from choice crops of premium Oriental Herbs, Bamboo Leaf True-Slim Tea nevertheless goes through modern technology intensive quality control process, bringing to you tea-bags full of fine grain herbs of highest purity. Enjoy a cup after each meal and relax, while the herbs help cleanses your system, mobilizes excessive fat deposits in your body and eliminates the asmetabolic wastes.

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